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Private Membership

Private Membership

Rock Creek Cattle Company is a private club, with a limited number of memberships currently available. Below is a brief preview of the membership opportunities offered at Rock Creek Cattle Company.

Private Membership Contacts

Josh Targe
Membership Sales Director
Tel: 702.408.8213
Ron Snow
Assistant Manager & Director - Real Estate & Membership
Tel: 406.846.3474
Cell: 406.422.2786
Rock Creek Resident Membership

All fee simple owners of lots or residential units within the development shall apply to join the Club as Resident Members.

Montana Local Membership

Local Memberships are offered to individuals who do not own a lot or residential unit in the development and are full time residents of the state of Montana.

National Membership

For those individuals that do not own property at the ranch and are not full time residents of the state of Montana.

Corporate Membership

A corporation designates four officers of the company to be members. Each designee is required to pay the club’s annual dues.

Social Membership

Social Members may take advantage of all the club’s amenities and participate in all club sponsored functions. The exception to this is golf and any golf related activities.

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